viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

ABOD SHELTER_BSB Design 'A house within a day'

BSB Design came up with this ingenious creation. It’s called Abod and it’s a sustainable home that can be built in less than one day. It’s made of lightweight materials that can be easily delivered by truck, place or ship to those that need them. The house is made mostly of non-combustible materials no the risk of fire decreases dramatically.It’s an important detail gives the fact that in this type of communities kerosene lighting is quite common.

But besides that, another major advantage offered by Abod is the fact that, thanks to its lightweight construction, it can be easily relocated in case its owners need to move.The Abod homes are both affordable and flexible in terms of design. They can be modified to meet the client’s needs and to also make each inhabitant comfortable and happy.

There are several add-ons you can opt for such as privacy walls, oft expansions, kitchen units, toilet/shower/bath units, unique flooring, and window walls. This way you can transform this standard 10’ by 12’ structure into your own lovely home. If you want, you can also connect several homes form a mini-community. It’s a wonderful option for all those that prefer something different for one reason or another.

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