martes, 1 de abril de 2014


We always perceive the module in terms of a planar element or a three dimensional space, like the minimum room, but why would we not consider module in terms of section? In the same way that Gothic cathedrals were built, from the altar to the main entrance, to allow for a quicker use of the purpose of such space this house is built by means of prefabricated cross sections. The Dutch studio 2 by 4 Architects have designed a dry modular construction method based on the Island House, featuring the same gable roof shape and the end glazed walls that bring in great luminosity to the interior space.

The slices of the house are 1.5 m wide, the basic module would be fully open while an additional appliance module would incorporate a compact kitchen in the middle with a small shower and a half bathroom at each side facing the walls. The modules could be combined in many different combinations leaving it up to the user for future house extensions.

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