martes, 1 de abril de 2014


Although this might seem shocking, this is one of the newest and at the same time oldest framework systems. It is a system that works with the natural structures, shaping them into the designer's visualised spaces. We could consider it by far the most sustainable and poetic structures, as they are not producing any waste and they are taking advantage of the huge strength and flexible potential of living trees.

The construction process is in fact very long or at least dependent on the growth rate of the trees, but could also be altered depending on the aimed degree of precision. This way of building architecture escapes from the mass production of elements and seeks to establish a more harmonious relationship with the natural environment that we seem to be returning to.

I find the beauty of this structures in the idea of a process of growth, merging with the environment and eventually disappearing into it with the progressive process of biodegrading of the wood; architecture grown from the earth and disappearing back to its origins. Although as with every other technique, this is a system that could eventually reach a greater level of massification, the need for a continuos care would still be able to capture that initial intent for subtlety and care for the environment.

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