martes, 1 de abril de 2014


This project was delivered by BC Studies, the research lab that BC architects has initiated. It is based around the topics that we are constantly dealing with nowadays mainly the necessity of quick responsiveness towards unexpected situations within the city and the reutilisation of industrial material. The design facilitates the disassembly of the intervention and allows the re-reutilisation of the pallets for a new action following the nomad spirit. The structure is realised as beehive, in which the aluminium poles layout the structure for the placing of the pallets. 

It is interesting to highlight that the proposal of using mass-produced  and standardised members allows the adaptability of the design in global parameters; no matter where you might be as long as you find these two elements you are allow to easily reproduce the system. The construction system is also laied out as with a dry method with low tech fastening techniques  thus eliminating the need for any additional foundation or other more costly resources. Its geometry facilitates its modular character, the six sides of the hexagon allow an easy expansion at any time.

The flexibility of the proposal also allows to incorporate different panellised systems in the case that there are more resources available, so solid panels or glass coverings can be incorporated.

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