viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

Smart Skin_Corso Regio Parco

Through the study of countercurrent heat exchange in dolphins a physiological skin was developed for an apartment complex at Corso Regio Parco. By utilizing parallel flows of air and water, heat can be exchanged in order to mitigate the environmental extremes occurring between the exterior and interior of the building. The new façade was developed in a modulate system that initially utilized a rectangular tiling pattern. With the evolution of the module it became a hexagonal tile that can be patterned either regularly or irregularly to produce interlacing geometries. Besides the geometry the new façade creates a privacy barrier around the public side of the building which faces the street. By utilizing a bubbled form on the building the new façade creates and interstitial public space folded between the two layers. The skin also creates both solar and wind protection while providing public space and a privacy barrier.

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