martes, 13 de junio de 2017

Modular Bamboo Hotel

Penda design group created a flexible and portable hotel design, made up primarily of bamboo sticks and nature. The structure can expand horizontally and vertically,

"The structure could grow as tall as the trees," Chris Precht from Penda told Dezeen. "Connected to the verticality of the trees, we can experience a forest from the perspective of a child climbing a tree, in between the treetops, with the birds – fully connected with nature in 3D and HD."

Native American tipis were the inspiration where the X shaped bamboo joints would be built on. Horizontal rods support the floor structure and the joints may be manipulated both vertically and horizontally to increase the height and width of the structure.

Slightly raised off the ground to accommodate changes in the levels. Joints are to be tied together by rope to be disassembled and re-used elsewhere. Bamboo was chosen for its flexibility and wide availability in China. 

"The span of each structural grid is 4.7 metres, so quite narrow, and eight sticks of structural beams are combined at each joint, so the system will be able to hold a lot of weight," Precht said.
"The great thing about a flexible grid is that you can add structural beams when necessary, so if there is going to be more load on one part of the structure, more bamboo can be added."

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