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Climate- Responsive Kinetic facade
- Pierre Gavelle

Project Facts

Client: The Danish University and Property Agency
Location: Kolding, Denmark
Year of construction: 2012-2014
By:Henning Larsen Architects

Longs Sections & Plan

Innovative Facade:

As the daylight changes and varies during the course of the day and year.

The Kolding Campus is fitted with dynamic solar shading, which adjusts to the specific climate conditions and user patterns and provides optimal daylight and a comfortable indoor climate spaces along the facade.

Comprised of approximately 1,600 triangular shutters of perforated steel, which together with a basic motor make up this smart facade.

The completed building is the first to meet Danish 2015 building code energy targets, according to the architects, and it gets serious points for aesthetics too.
They are mounted on the facade as an exterior skin, and positioned allowing them to adjust to the changing intensity of daylight and desired inflow of light. With various position sets, the shutters can go from lying flat to fulling open.

The use of sensor that continuously measure light and heat levels and send that information to the activation of a small motor, that in turn activates the mechanism which allows for the movement.

The Perforation of the shutters:

Inspired by organic pattern of round holes, the architects studied the effect and characteristics light has with a flat surface, the amount of light entering a space and that how it could be controlled.

Engineers and architects have conducted analyses and calculations to establish this as the optimal opening angle of the holes.The holes in the facade are designed and adapted to an opening angle of approx. 30 %.
The design was playing on a mixture of exterior conditions of the facade and interior experience created with the play of light.

Passers by can feel immediately a sense of interior activity on the campus, through the perforated patterns that in the evening act and appear more transparent.

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