jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

Komatsu Seiren Fabric Laboratory fa-bo

Komatsu Seiren Fabric Laboratory fa-bo:

Building Information:

Location: Ishikawa, Japan

Daite: 2013.8-2015.11

Program: Office, Exhibition space


Komatsu Seiren factory created a new thermoplastic carbon fiber composite. It is called "CABKOMA Strand Rod". The maaterial consists of both inorganic and synthetic fibers with a thermoplastic resin finishing. Kuma decided to use the material on the exterior of Seiren office.

The pseudo façade is not giving the building elegance but it also has structural features. Due to its composition the rods have a high tensile strength which can be used to reinforce the building. This feature gives the material the opportunity to be used as a seismic reinforcement.

Komatsu by Kengo Kuma

"Delicate but strong structural body."

The rods with around 160 m weighs only 12 kgs. It is also very easy to transport them to the site from the factory.The material can be carried by hand. The other metal wires with the same strength is five times heavier than this one. So the rods can be a new method of adding elegance and durability to the structures with factory made pieces.

Comparison of CABKOMA Strand rod with an iron white which has the same structural strength.

Reinforcement effect:

  • Seismic reinforcement was achieved with exterior CF rod drape and interior partition brace bearing walls.
  • The structural investigation was aimed at investigating how to prevent the reinforcing materials from affecting the existing building as well as evaluating the seismic strength.
  • The target values of the reinforcement criteria are as follows: → Exterior CF rods: Around 3% / Partition brace bearing walls: Around 10%
*From the webpage: http://www.komatsuseiren.co.jp/cabkoma/en/

*1: At F=1.0 deformation, the target value (10% to 13%) is achieved through the reinforcement.
*2: At F=2.0 deformation, ls>0.60 is achieved in the shear strength of the wall if 20% shear force remains. (It is necessary to ensure that class 2 structural material is absent in the event of the above deformation.)

Seismic reinforcement is based on the tension bracing effect of the rod. The reinforcing of the entire building can be achieved through linking the roof with the ground.



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