jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

Tod's Omotesando - Toyo Ito & Associates

The Tod's Building, located in Omotesando, the famous tree - lined avenue in Tokyo's Aoyama district, is wrapped in a skin of criss - crossed concrete braces and glass that
mimic the trees lining the street.

Light enters the building through the clear glass that fills the gaps between the concrete braces on the north side frontal facade.Opaque glass towards the south, facing rows of low private houses, brings additional daylight into the building.
The concrete braces also serve as space dividers inside the building where the natural materials, stone, wood and leather,reflect the quality of Tod's leather goods.

When the spaces between the braces are lit from within at night it creates the effect of silhouetted tree branches.

The "trees" are made so that on the lower floors the openings are less frequent, and slowly while we move up the building the "branches" start to diffuse and we get more opening at the facades.

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