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Sustainable external facade in glass fabric_Sea Pavilion_Stefano Boeri Architetti

Project: Ex-Arsennale La Maddalena (Sea Pavilion)

Location: Sardinia, Italy

Year: 2009

Architect(s): Stefano Boeri Architetti, Cesare Monti Architetto

The project for the Sea Pavillion is born from the conviction of the recovery of the existing granite arcades that used to host of the spaces used for the military car fleet of the ex Arsenale at La Maddalena, an approach characteristic of a project that is inspired on a principle of dialogue with the context, identity and history of the site.

the architecture, a open plan arrangement of different programs, is characterized abo- ve all by the 10.000m2 white sail-like roof, suspended 10 meters from the ground and equipped with photovoltaic panels for the production of energy.  This device, together with the incorporation of heat exchange systems that use seawater for the heating and cooling of the buildings and of solar panels for the production of hot water, forms part of a strategy that makes the project for the recovery of the ex Arsenale a model of sustainable practice tuned to the preservation of the extraordinary qualities of the Mediterranean landscape and the na- tural biodiversity that distinguish the archipelago of La Maddalena.

On the other hand, Cesare Monti Architetto created a delicate membrane in glass for one of the adjacent building of Boeri's project,  as a fabric dematerialized, suspended by steel ropes between the sea and the building with function of solar filter.

Ex-Arsennale La Maddalena-pictures of the complex and facade.

Ex-Arsennale La Maddalena- Detailed axonometry showing the program of the building and roof construction system.

Ex-Arsennale La Maddalena- Detail of the external menbrane of glass fabric, by Gruppo Bodino.

Ex-Arsennale La Maddalena- Sketch of the construction system (A); Testing the pattern (B); Metallic joint (C)


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