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Polymer concrete panels_Ca L'Anita Social Centre_EXE Arquitectura

Project: Ca L'Anita Social Centre

Location: Roses, Girona, Cataluña, Spain

Year: 2011

Architect(s): EXE Arquitectura

Located in the historic centre of Roses, the former “Estanco de la Punta” building houses the sociocultural equipment by request of the previous owner, who gave it to the city council with this condition.

For the cladding of the building, polymer concrete panels were chosen, achieving a very special and customized finish. EXE Arquitectura wished to pay tribute to Anna Marés, the former owner, and therefore installed perforated panels which, by the combination of holes, form geometric figures with the same pattern as the original mosaic that covered the floor. In the installation, great care has been taken to place each piece correctly to allow the final pattern to be viewed properly. 

Materials and techniques were selected from among those having less impact on the environment in terms of pollution and consumption of non-renewable resources, taking into account the manufacturing process, assembling, maintenance and recycling, and considering aspects such as solar radiation and energy consumption.

Ca L'Anita Social Centre- Facade view.

Ca L'Anita Social Centre- General exterior picture of the facade pattern (A); Interior picture of the facade pattern (B)

Ca L'Anita Social Centre- Polymer concrete panel samples
Ca L'Anita Social Centre- Elevations


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