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Metallic facade_Science Building of Columbia University in NY_Rafael Moneo

Project: Science Building of  Columbia University

Location: New York

Year: 2010

Architect(s): Rafael Moneo Vallés, Belén Moneo and Jeffrey Brock

The building provides more than 4.180 m2 of laboratories and more than 1.860 m2 of classrooms, offices and study spaces. Also, it includes a research library of 1.200 m2, an auditorium with a capacity of 170 persons, a public cafeteria and an access for the gym of basketball and volleyball of the Columbia university.

For the facade, it was adopted a system of curtain wall based on vertical anodized aluminum panels, hung of the slab with diferent solutions according to  the presence of transverse beams and the interior use: fenestrated for laboratories, with transparent glass after the planks for library and offices, or with  parallel planks to the beams and cladded opaque.

the building generates a mosaic of light and of shade, which appears like a light and brilliant structure seated on a pedestal of carved stone.

                Science Building of  Columbia University-Metallic facade (A/B)

      Science Building of  Columbia University-Elevation.

        Science Building of Columbia University- detailed Axonometry of the metallic facade. (A/B)


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