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Coach, Omotesando Flagship Store - OMA

Coach Flagship Store in Omotesando
Architects: OMA
Site: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2013

In this project, the walls and the interior partitions also have the function of shelf space and display. The purpose is to also communicate the brand from the inside to the outside.

The brand coach has always displayed their products in a systematized way, using library-like rows of shelves. OMA tried to maintain this original approach by designing a system of modules for the facade that would also serve the purpose of the display.

Products seem to float inside the acrylic units and at the same time offer views to the inside as well and sunlight. 211 units were used for the facade. Each unit measures 1,800mm x 520mm, a measure based on the average size of the brand's products. The stacking of facade modules are done in a "herringbone" pattern, in both horizontal and vertical orientations. This allows the facade to be suitable for the display of a variety of elements.

Sources: OMA, Detail Magazine

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