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01_FRAME SYSTEMS: Makoko Floating School


Makoko Floating School
Lagos, Nigeria, 2012

Even though the construstive details are not too detailed, I have chosen this example of frame construction systems because i think its a great example of how frame systems can not only be a solution for community need, but also give architecture a resistance to climate change and the forever changing coastline of low land countries and water communities. 

Unpredictable climate changes along the world’s most vulnerable coastal communities, have produced some fascinating design solutions that test the resiliency of architectural possibilities and the need for adaptation that will produce these changes.  The coastal community of Makoko, a slum neighborhood, off the Lagos Lagoon in Lagos, Nigeria,is receiving an upgrade to its current solution, which is building homes supported on stilts within the lagoon’s waters.  NLE Architects with sponsoring from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Heinrich Boell Foundation from Germany, designed the Makoko Floating School, phase one of a three-phase development that will become a floating community of interlocked and floating residences.  Construction on the project began in October 2012 and was completed just last month with grand appraisal from the community and UN visitors.


Concept. NLE Architects

 The construction process involved the community and uses sustainable methods. It is cheap to construct and it very adaptable.

Timber structure

The architects have an overall vision of how this structure can be multiplied and reused.

Photos from NLE Architects, taken by Iwan Baan.

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