martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

Damstadt University, Germany - Staab Architekten

This project is the refurbishment of a 1960s building, which received a new façade with Staab Architekten's project. The south elevation consists of a curtain wall with metal shading elements. The façade solution was developed by Wicona, basing themselves on the two following systems:

"WICTEC 50 is the basic version of the stick system curtain wall, with an extra-narrow face width of 50 mm, inside and outside. The unique flexibility is demonstrated by the various system variants and enhancement options, all of which are feasible with minor additions to the system and without compromising on appearance." [WICONA]

"With 75 mm profile depth, WICLINE 75 evo features the highest thermal insulation properties and structural characteristics. With its superior technical performance this aluminium window is attuned to all architectural requirements of the future. In Switzerland WICLINE 75 evo has been the first metal window to be certified as
Minergie-P module window." [WICONA]


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