martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

Hennigsdorf Town Hall - Sauerbruch Hutton Arch.

The Hennigsdorf Town Hall by Sauerbruch Hutton was designed using a modular system of double-glazing with an air chamber. Since it is modular, the design is very flexible.

The glass panels are designed according to a module that allows for repetition, especially in order to allow the curved nature of the façade. The exterior layer consists of sliding glass panels, while the interior consists of fixed panels as well as "sandwich" panels.

It is possible to identify two façade solutions in this building: the brick at the lower level and the modular glass system above. The modular glass one is more interesting because it provides wind, thermal and acoustic protection. The interior layer is responsible for the thermal stability and is 30m far from the exterior layer. Since the joints are open, it creates a free air circulation in between the layers. 


The image above shows the detail of the double layer façade, and the movable and fixed parts.
The exterior panels are always movable, but the interiors can be foldable or fixed glass or sandwich panels.


The system is attached to the building by small steel structures fixed to the exterior of the building, from which the exterior glass panels "hangs", and to which the horizontal surfaces that mark the floors are fixed. The interior layer is fixed to a wooden frame.

Source: Tectonica no. 28: Energía (I) Fundamentos.

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