miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

Cast Iron Facade _ Paul Smith Store by 6A Architects

Project: Paul Smith Store
Location: London, UK
Architects: 6A Architects

The cast iron facade of the Paul Smith store in Albemarle Street explores the relationship between the fabric used in Paul Smith’s items and London’s industrial past. The architects found inspiration in the curves of the historic storefronts in the vicinity.

The glass was bent to shape in Spain and transported to England where it was glued to the stainless-steel profiles before being mounted on the galvanized steel construction.

The cast iron panels were developed using a combination of contemporary ad traditional manufacturing methods:
- Geometry: digital design;
- Polyurethane moulds: CNC mill;
- Conventional sand moulds: CNC mill;
The final product (panels with raised pattern and integrated hooks) were then oxidated and treated with a rust converter.

Schittich, Christian, ed. "Shop Facade in London." Detail, September 2014, 33.

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