viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

Ikea Shelter!

Hey there all!

I just found this piece of news that I found interesting since Ikea has always been a reference for us along the course in different aspects of our projects.
They launched together with the UN their first emergency shelter with solar panels that provides independence of energy to each module.
The modules follow the traditional IKEA packing with  flat packing of all the elements and an easy assemblage that allows each module to be built in a matter of hours. The design is not great, but its efficient and it provides to the users the basic needs of privacy and space with a capacity up to 5 people per module. I just wonder if the module can be unpacked after the emergency or if just is thrown to the garbage as it often happens to the ikea furniture after being used. Also I wonder if there are any possibilities of expansion of the modules, providing a higher degree of flexibility to the proposal

ENjoy it!

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