viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

Facade with Micro seaweeds for energy production


Here is a cool example of a how can we make active use of our facade not only in order to reduce its energy waste but ti actually produce energy for the building.The project was presentend in Hamburg in the construction Fair and its develop by ARUP together with SSC and Splitterwerk Architects. Arup claims that this building envelope is the immidiate future of the active facades, and even being still under development thay have lready some good results.
This specific building has around 200sqm of photo.bioreactors integrated in the facade. These elements are composed by a series of micro seaweeds that produces biomass energy and that also actas as dynamic shadow provider, sound reductor and thermal insulation.  The material used is a type of glass facade of 2.5 by .7m in where through a small gap the micro seaweeds are placed in order to produce the biomass. This system has to be completely automatized with a central computer and a energy management center where the heat is condensed and distributed in order to generate hot water

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