miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

Ruth's post reminded me of this modular student residence by H Arquitectos

What's most interesting to me is the way in which the modules plug into the water, electricity etc in a clever and quick way

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  1. Great example milan!

    I have to say I have been in this building and its really well developed and executed. The modules work perfectly and they are very complete. Each module covers the basic needs of a student and it gives also the opportunity to customize it by your own.
    The only "but" or problem that this problem has is that is not really completed since in the central patio it was supposed to be covered in order to create a green house effect and reduce the energy consumption of the modules. This patio was supposed to be a common space full of green spaces and sitting areas but due to the crisis they rooftop was dismissed and now there is only one pin-pong table in the middle and that is all.

    Also it is quite expensive for a student to live there, but the installations of each individual module are awesome

  2. I would like you all to study this project in detail. It is a perfect example of what I want you to develop and you can learn a lot. These modules are very similar to the ones we saw at baukit factory, but in this case they are built with steel. Notice how it is possible to design a quite good and nowadays project with these techniques. Focus on the constructive details!!