miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

The freedom room

Ciao ragazzi!

 For this topic I am going to tell you about a project that I saw this morning in the Fuori Salone in Milano, it is called the freedom room. This is a project developed by a group of architects in collaboration with one of the Italian High Security Prisons, Spoleto’s correctional facility.

They started to work together in order to identify and analyse the opportunities provided by design to improve work inside prisons, and came up with new ideas about flexible and adaptable spaces at a low cost, very multifunctional, always keeping the standard cell size (4 x 2.7)

 This project is a closed Shell, defined as a spatial module, prefabricated in wood and transported by track to any please needed depending on the use. It is a very simple wood structure. The idea is that the module can change depending on the people that live inside it, and the furniture can be removable to make changes as a bed that becomes a closet, a can becomes an antenna, a table becomes a gym…etc.

The space has a flexible dimensión that changes according to how it is experienced by each of them. The elements of the interior are therefore modular and removable in order to make these spaces flexible.
The people that inhabits the module is the one that changes it as they want.

Everything is constructed by a carpentry located closet o the Spoleto’s correctional facility. They reinvented the typical space of a prison cell (4 x 2.7 m) making it comapct and functional. The idea of use is that it is an economic housing module for different solutions, as spread hotels, student facilities,hostels…and that is the idea! I hope you liked it   


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  1. This example is fantastic because it shows how the module can be flexible, not only by the combinations of modules but the module interior. This brings a lot of different possibilities and flexibility to the project. Why not trying to achieve something similar with your military modules?

  2. do you mean trying to play also with the interior furniture? its is a good idea, I will consider it!