lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Habitat hotel by Enric Ruiz of Cloud 9 Architecture

The most significant characteristic is a 3000m2 stainless steel mesh as a tensegrity structure offsetted from the concrete structure and glass facade. The design concept is presented as "yor room in a tree", where each leaf on the steel mesh consist of one photovoltaic cell, a battery, CPU and a RGB LED which creates an artificial light cloud around the hotel.

This metal mesh studded with thousands of photovoltaically-powered LEDs, the Spanish architect Enric Ruiz-Geli has done it just for the Habitat Hotel. Ruiz-Geli collaborated with Acconci Studio on landscaping and Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake on the building design, while the lighting design was done entirely in house by Ruiz-Geli’s firm, Cloud 9. The mesh wrapper begins to glow at night based on the amount and quality of the light the solar cells have taken in over the course of the day. 

This ‘energy mesh’ has individual nodes that collect the sun's energy during the day and at night gives off a specific color according to the amount of energy collected. The model’s mesh consists of 500 tri-color LEDs controlled by a PIC microprocessor. Also imbedded in the model’s mesh are photosensors which determine the brightness on them and give off a color according to the energy color scheme.

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