lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

One House in One Day = 16h

DAY 1:
(start at 11h)

1st step:
-moladi formwork is delivered to site
area= 74m2
mass= 550kg
volume= 4m3
-moladi formwork pannels are assembled by unskilled labourers to form the mould panels of the desired house plan

2nd step:
-internal formwork panels are erected
-windows frames and block-outs are positioned within the wall cavity
-reinforcing bars are positioned within the cavity to engineer specifications

3rd step:
-door frames and block-outs are positioned within the wall cavity
-external formwork panels are erected to close off the wall cavity
-erection is completed in 4hours with 4 unskilled labourers

4th step:
-the wall cavity is filled with 4m3 of moladi aerated mortar by unskilled labourers
-the pour is complete in 2hours with 4 unskilled labourers

(finish at 17h)
DAY 2:
(start at 7h)

1st step:
-moladi formwork panels are removed
-moladi formwork panels are completely removed in 2hours with 4 unskilled labourers

2nd step:7-immediately after the formwork panels are removed, the walls are painted with cementitious water based paint
-oil or acrylic based paints can be applied after the walls have cured, or in 28days

3rd step:
-the engineer certified roof is installed
-the windows and doors are installed
-final finishings, such as sanitary ware and lighting are completed
-The structure is ready now for Occupation!!

(finish at 17h)

Labour required to construct a standard 45m2 housing unit:
1. erect moladi= 10labourers are needed to complete in 4h
2. fill moladi= 7 labourers are needed, if manually filling the form, to complete in 2h
3. remove moladi = 6 labourers are needed to complete in 4h

About moladi:
Founded in South Africa in 1986 as a method of building cast in place reinforced monolithic structures. 
The system is removabl, reusable, recycable, lightweight, durable and permanent structures. 
The construction process is a workflow process similar to a vehicle assembly line. Key words here: standarization, simplification, modularization, industrialization.
(more information : )

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