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Garoza h10.1_ herrerosarquitectos


Prototype 2010
Industrialized prototype for a growing house. Useful Area, Basic type10/1: 75m2(4 moduls + mezzanine)
Cost*= 200.000€ + exterior works
* decreasing costs if bigger area:
2.700 €/m2 for 75 m2(min.) 2.400 €/m2 for 150 m2, 2.000 €/m2 for 250 m2

Rafael Celda & Hoa Melgar /architecture: Herreros Arquitectos /architect in charge: Verónica Meléndez /collaborators: Alejandro Valdivieso, Margarita Martineza / technical architect:Ramón Paradinas / photographs: Javier Callejas / constructor: IDM Sistemas Modulares / Modulab

Industrialized modular housing prototype that allows growth and changes over time. All building systems, are ready to be installed without complex construction procedures. 

This elements are manufactured in specialized factories composing single complete units, including all the interior finishes, up to the maximum size supported by the conventional transport 
(3m wide, 2.50m high, and up to 12m long). 

Only the last layer of the facade and the roof is put in place to ensure continuity, overlap and waterproofing of the material junctions. Interior partitions, storage and fixed furniture are incorporated to the vertical walls, which house highly qualified technical facilities, automation and electronic systems and other elements, are tailored to the program for each configuration. The resulting collection provides quality, control on the schedules of the construction, maintenance plans and desirable chances for growth, that come up much better than with traditional construction. The principles of sustainable economy and the spirit of recycling guide and support all the project decisions.

exterior view

Growing process
Mounting process

Mounting process


Exterior view

Interior view
Main floor

Second floor

Exterior view

Interior view
Cross section

Exterior view

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