domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

IKEA flat pack shelter

Ikea developed a flat pack shelter for disaster relief housing. Unlike ordinary tents, the shelter provides better climatic comfort due to the material used on the roof - it reflects excess sunlight in the day but releases accumulated heat into the interior in the night time. Solar panels are incorporated into the roof material to provide electricity for basic lighting at night. Ikea's signature easy assembly and a flat package are of course present in the design. The structure is composed of metal frames (tubes) laterally reinforced by tensed cables. The assembly process only takes a few hours and only requires the work of two people. The materials used for this system are metal and plastic, but the plastic is designed to last at least 3 years and was chosen for its light weight and high insulation properties. The joints in the assembly process are simple - using metal fasteners and plastic ties which does not require any other tools than those provided in the package.

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