miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2015

Centre d'Interpretation du Canal de Bourgogne - Shigeru Ban

This entry is about frame structural systems. It is a canopy on the Canal de Bourgnogne in Pouilly-en-Auxois (France), created with paper tubes in order to shelter small exhibition as well as an old boat as part of the cultural complex dedicated to the history of the region.

The paper tubes that compose the Frame are connected with a high-Performance pressure-die-cast aluminium joints and wooden screws. The paper structure needed some more metal elements in order to Transfer variable loads such as wind loads, and this was solved through the implementation of metallic trusses at both ends. Moreover, paper was a vulnerable material due to the pavilion being located by a river, and therefore the structure was elevated on metallic stilts and covered with polycarbonate panels in other to protect the paper.

 Sources: Shigeru Ban Architects, Detail Magazine

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