lunes, 16 de febrero de 2015

Low-Cost Timber Structure _ Archery Hall & Boxing Club by FT Architects

Project: Archery Hall & Boxin Club
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Architects: FT Architects

The project consists of two buildings, an archery hall and a boxing club, standing on the grounds of Kogakuin University in Tokyo. The University’s brief was for two low-cost structures made of locally sourced timber. Both facilities called for a column-free space of 7.2m by 10.8m. In order to achieve this span (without columns and using low-cost methods of timber construction) it was necessary to come up with an innovative timber solution.

The two structures have been constructed employing a simple, low-tech method of bolt-and-nut assembly. However, due to the scale of the space and simplicity of construction, the execution had to be meticulous.


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