martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

Lightweight tensile and membrane construction - Munich Olympic Stadium / Frei Otto & Gunther Behnisch

Architect: Frei Otto and Gunther Behnisch
Location: Munich, Germany

Project Year: 1968 -1972

Otto and Behnisch conceptualized a sweeping tensile structure that would flow continuously over the site imitating the draping protrusions of the Swiss Alps. The result is a suspended cloud-like structure that appears to be floating over the site.

The entire structural and membrane system was 
constructed off site.

The canopies membrane is suspended from a multitude of vertical masts that allow for the dramatic draping curves of the surface to flow dynamically across the site changing form, scale, and sectional characteristics.

The large canopies are stabilized laterally through a network of smaller cables that attach to a larger steel cable extending over the entire span into concrete footings at either end.

For such an expansive site, the minimal structural components work to create the dynamic sweeping surfaces that are created by various tensile connections resulting in an undulating mesh.

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