jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014



Another interesting project I found that my teacher from last semester introduced me to is the Lucy House by Rural Studio. Sponsored by Interface, the world's largest manufacturer of carpet tiles, the challenge was to use worn carpet tiles in the construction of a house for the Harris family. 
The house walls contain 72,000 individual stacked tiles held in compression by a heavy wooden ring-beam. The tiles were held in storage for 7 years to ensure they no longer off-gassed. The tower form contains a bedroom above and tornado shelter below.
Carpets are hardly thought of as a structural element but has many qualities we should take into consideration as well as clothes.

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  1. This example is quite interesting, nevertheless it is not very related to industrial cosntruction. It is more the application of an industrial product in an innovative way.
    I have changed the labels and set it as Developments.

  2. Really interesting and informative topic. Keep blogging and sharing your knowledge.