jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014


Although Milan is well-known for its fashion industry; every season there is a new line of clothes for the fashion victims to keep up with the latest trends.
But what happens with all these products and clothes? Their high quality is meant to last a life time, while their aesthetics have an extremely short life-span. Do they go to charity after they go out of fashion? Are they sold? Do they end up in the waste bin? Or couldn't they simply return to where they were manufactured such as the PHILIPPINES?

I've been looking into manufacturers in the Philippines as my site is located there and foudn this very interesting project by MVRDV. A house made out of clothes. This could be a great solution for my shelter in terms of the climate conditions. I could improve the living conditions regarding humidity, noise, warmth... 



2 comentarios:

  1. I did not know this project. It is a good way of using a waste material with imagination.
    In relation with your design, you could research the use of recycled clothes or similar materials as isolations materials. Not neccesary in this same way.

  2. From my point of view, this is not very related to frame systems, neither panelised or room modules. I have changed the label into Developments.