jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Transformative Shelter, the Uber Shelter


Along my research for the structure of my corridors I found this shelter that I found a very good reference in terms of adaptability to its use along time as well as the presentation, that shows us all the steps that we have been following along this exercise. 

The shelter, that is still under development is thought to grow along time as the family and users needs change, accepting a modular architecture that allows it to increase its size by four times. This happens thanks to the telescopic supports that the creators managed to place as frame structure ad its in where one of the key elements of success resides. The other ones is in the use of materials. Thought for Tahiti, the creators planned and tested all the materials to wind and climate tests and decided to change the often used wooden construction but a cellular acrylic sheeting as main facade elements. This change proved to be crucial since this shelter is prepared to hold strong winds of hurricanes up to 100MPH

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