jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Arderc Prefab House by Gluck +

Here is an example of structural panelized system that work as room module once its assembled. It is not new but the ideas behind, and the presentation are quite good for our projects
This is not an emergency shelter, but the system used for its development is quite interesting.
The architects had in mind that the project should be as simple as possible in order to avoid problems and be time efficient with the contractor. Therefore they decided to simplify geometries and to integrate the different elements into the walls, prefabricating them so that the time wasted on site construction would be reduced. Therefore the walls already include the different installations, installations gaps and openings only having to deliver to the builders a set of simplify Ikea catalog from where to follow the order of organization and assembling.

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  1. good! although a little more info about the construction details would be interesting