martes, 30 de abril de 2013

The friendly alien

A very nice example related with building envelopes is the facade that envolves the Graz Kunsthaus (also called the Friendly Alien!). 


It is a project made by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier in 2003, as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations. 

It is interesting how the form differs radically fro conventional exhibition context of the time, many of which mantained the traditions of the modernist "white cube". But the most interesting thing regarding construction is the facade


The BIX facade of the museum represents a fusion from architecture and new media. BIX is a name that consists of the words "Big" and "pixels". It is an oversized urban screen, which serves as an instrument for artistic productions. 


The facade has 930 40 Watt fluorescent rings embedded in the 900m2 outer skin, with the ilumination level of each one being stepessly variable between 0 and 100%. 



Each light ring functions as a pixel, which can be served by a central computer. In this way the can develop screened indications, texts or film sequences, which radiate far into the urban area and thus, the blister of Graz with a screen of immense size makes an art gallery. 


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  1. Sara, I can not see the pictures of your posts. And it is a pity because it is a very interesting example. Could you please try to upload them again?
    Thank you very much.