martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Can Cube

This project is a very interesting one made by Archi Union Architects, and located in Shanghai, China. It is a project made a few years ago, in 2009. 


The interesting thing about the Can Cube, that at first sight looks quite normal, is the secret of the facade that envolves the building: it is a system of aluminium carbonated drink cans, enclosed in an aluminium frame. The cans are the main components of the building, assembled into a frame to create the facades. The façade saves the energy wasted during recycling processes by reusing the cans in their current form, without the need for recycling or further processes. 



By utilizing several ecological and renewable systems the building is highly efficient and sustainable. Enclosing the cans in an aluminium frame keeps the structure light and easily adjustable by its occupants. Window-sash type sections within the façade provide the user with full control of sunlight/daylight in all seasons. I think this is a very interesting point: the fact that the facade mutates with the time, and can be transformable depending on the users needs.


The façade works alongside underground heating and cooling devices, rainwater filtration and solar energy systems, which all provide more efficiency and minimize the wastage of energy. 

Some diagrams of the can walls:

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