martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Primary frame systems

For the frame systems, I have chosen an enterprise specialized in metal framing systems. They can build everything from these frames, from storage buildings to houses, garages, offices or portable containers. These enterprise offers steel tube frames for residential or commercial buildings that are modular and pre-engineered.  

They have an interesting system which is portable frames. They consist on different kind and measurements of frames that allow to host any kind of program or idea inside. The good thing about the frames is that they are very easily movable (because of the installation of some wheels), and they can be folded into one small piece (see photo below)

Once mounted, the structure can me moved from one place to another 

As it is pre-engineered and pre cut, it is a ready to install frame system. It requires little special knowledge of construction, without any special tools. 

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