martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Recycled train wagons

Looking for a room module system, I found this idea which I find very interesting, and that I had seen already before in other countries: The idea is to recycle or reconvert train or subway wagons into livable spaces: it can be everything from a gym to an office, it is cheap and imaginative. The wagons are a "modular system", so they can be combined together to create bigger spaces. It is all about taking the existing structure and rehabilitate it into something new. 

What they do first is the cleaning: they rehabilitate the wood with pressured air and puling it. For the metalic structures, they do a desoxidation and clean it with pressured air. 

Then they have to evaluate the conditions of the wagon: the possible changes inside, the light spots, the water issues, the well functioning of doors and windows, the locations of the water or the light installations, or the heating. 

Then they procede with the interior conditioning, the painting, the creation of new doors or windows, the terraces...etc


I think this project is interesting for construction for many things: First, it is a good way to recycle old structures. I think this is going to be key in the future of architecture, as we are running out of resources and space and need to think about the reconversion of the existing. Second, I think it is a very multipurpose unit, in which any program could be hosted. And finally, I think it is very interesting the point of the mobility that the enterprise suggests: the wagon is kind of a caravan, that can move through the rail transforming the wagon into a nomad house. 

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