jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Kemper Arena

Hi Everyone,

This one's a bit dated but it's a very transparent design that shows the ability of steel frames to free up space in a building. It's the Kemper Arena by Helmut Jahn. The building is a stadium which was designed to be held up from the outside by three enormous steel trusses. This allowed the inside of the arena to be unobstructed by unsightly structural systems and allows the audience to see only the game inside. This way of using steel on the outside to support the structure takes Mies' idea for the IIT campus in Chicago and refines it to be used on a larger level. The Kemper Arena shares this common ancestor with Marina's example of the "Absolute Box". While incredibly simple, the design shows the steel frame being used in service of the program instead of merely making a system from the inside as is usually the case.

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