viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

Alive Structures_PPAG Architects

Hello all!

Here I post what I think is a pretty interesting example of how to build with natural materials a module that would actually change with the time. 

The project is called Kagome. It is an experiment developed by PPAG Architects together with Simón Oberhammer and Mayer Stefanie. The proposal seeks to create a series of play grounds in several museums in Wien. 

The project is composed by 120 willow flowerpots which create kind of bulb structure by bending the branches of the trees. The branches are hold by steel rings that are the ones providing the shape of the shelters. Each branch is 5 m high and 4 cm diameter.

Vegetation is fixed to a central pot in which the nutrients an irrigation for the plants are placed.All the technical elements are hidden under a sand layer which is used by the kids in their games. 

The previously mentioned steel rings are only used during the construction phase. Once the bulbs are fixed, the steel rings are substituted by natural elements.

As the structures are real willows, the bulbs will continue on growing during the time they will be in use.  

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  1. I've included this post in the structural frame structures as I consider it is more related with this topic.
    I really like the result, I consider it is quite nice, but what it is not really clear is the way of construction and assembly...