jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

A house in Luanda


I found this project that I am putting under frames, but in the end the association of frames creates actually modules of rooms.

The architects worked with the idea of creating a project  that could be compostional, openly designed, avoiding them monotony and that the addition of modules could create a shelter for living. The architects have focused on this compostional flexibility, to be easy to build and that it requires low maintenance.

In order to achieve so they have designed a module of concrete rings of 5*3*1 and 15cm thickness of material. These modules allow the user to assemble them according to the needs that they have and providing a compositional flexibility. The module allows yo house up to 7 people with 2 heights. In order to do so special modules of staircase have been created (its therefore a kind of plug in structure)

I found very appealing this project because it aims to break the monotony that often shelters create when implemented on site, but it is clearly a definitive solution since the project does not have a recycling strategy whatsoever so it from that point of view its not at all a good project.

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  1. In fact, I agree with you that this is a modular system instead of frame system (I have changed the labels ;)
    The concept is quite interesting anyway because of its flexibility. Nowadays is quite difficult to find examples like this made out of concrete. It is more usual to build them with steel or timber because they are lighter materials and they allow a reversible way of assembly.