lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

EXTRAVoz magazine from LaVozdeGalicia newspaper
Modular architecture:
These modules allow the architect to satisfy their client’s necessities in a short period. Aplihorsa Modular has designed three prototypes thinking about design and comfort, with an actual, practical and functional result. They allow the client to add different modules depending on their necessities, to be able to create specific houses and to increase its size easy and fast, You can buy one of this house from 99.950€.

Ecologic architecture:
They construct with a low emission of CO2, and it allows the possibility of installing solar or photovoltaic panels and geothermic energy. Moreover the houses are provided with a efficient energy system, like double glass, cross ventilation and taking advantage of any renewable energy. Please check out more information here, they have very useful drawings:


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