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Media or Mediatic façade, is a survey approach to the forefront of the visual image of contemporary architecture. 
EFTE is not just use as a coating material, it is also use as a construction material.

EFTE information: 
Allianz Arena. Herzog & de Meuron
It is an excellent thermal, chemical and electrical material, with a high resistance for cutting and abrasion. The EFTE sheet is recyclable and it can withstand all weather assaults for more than 25 years, (ice, rain, humidity). There is no risk of contamination during the manufacture stages, neither the recycling stages. It is considered an environmentally friendly material. The system consists of two layers of EFTE interposing air pressure inside, creating cushions. This forms a stable, transparent, resistant and durable structure, as well as a good insulation. EFTE has a high permeability to UV radiation is therefore used for covering greenhouse pools, etc.

ETFE consists of pneumatic cushions restrained in aluminium extrusions and supported by a lightweight structure. The cushions are inflated with low-pressure air to provide insulation and resist wind loads. The cushions are manufactured from multiple layers of a modified co-polymer called ethylene-tetra-fluoro-ethylene, or ETFE.

(Example 1:) Allianz Arena
-architects: Herzog and de Meuron
-illumination: Siteco
-state: Built
-site: Munich, Germany
-material: EFTE- Co vertex
Fluorescent Tubes description: It is a light that has a mercury vapor lamp at low pressure and that is normally used for domestic and industrial lighting. The great advantage is its energy efficiency.
Functioning: Allianz Arena skin is made out of 2.874 rhomboidal and metalic pannels of EFTE, that can be illuminated in red, blue or white color. Both materials, EFTE+light system, are mixtured in order to change the color of the facade, depending on the tube color or fluorescent lamp that is switched on in that moment. The thickness of the sheets is in between 0.05 and 0.20 mm.

For more information, check out some videos here:

(Example 2:) National Aquatics Center
-design team: China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China State Construction International (Shenzhen) Design Co., Ltd, PTW Architects (Australia) and Ove Arup (Australia)year:2007
-state: built
-site: Olympic Green, Beijing
-material: EFTE
-budget: around  100 million US dollar

Functioning: The "Water Cube", comprises over 100,000sqm of ETFE foils, making this the single largest ETFE structure in the world to date. The whole membrane structure needs more than 3,000 pneumatic cushions, with different sizes from 9sqm to less than 1sqm a piece. And the first of its kind can be seen physically from the southwest corner of the building's wall now. The triangular "pillow" in nattier blue is in contrast to the white color of the steel structures nearby.

Check out here a lot of news regarding the building process of the "water cube":

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