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Architects: Kisho Kurokawa
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 1972

Kisho Kurokawa, the architect, was very pioneer since he was the first architect that designed capsule modules. The small modules were created with the inteniton of hosting business men and workers that worked on the centre of Tokyo during the week. 
The architect uses 40 individual pods that create a very flexible unit that can be changed and moved according to the situation requirements. 
The tower has a central fixed column and this modules are attached to it. They can be bolted and removed with four high tension bolts. The intentions were increasing the life span of the building by the possibility of replacing the pods and other elements.
The concrete and steel frame pillars that have different heights have the housing public utilities, including stairs, elevators, plumbig and electrical systems.
The capsules are made of a steel frame structure and were prefabricated. They were assembled at a plant before being transported to the site. 
Cranes were used to lift the capsules to the exact place and then attached using bolts to the core.

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