jueves, 25 de mayo de 2017



Herzog & de Meuron

The famous Vitra Haus has been designed in 2006 by the architects Herzog & de Meuron. The construction of this building answers the need of space expressed by Vitra. The space was needed to expose a new furniture collection. 

The house furniture collection of Vitra was the first one directed to particular clients. The idea of a show room for houses is what inspired the pitched roof shape of the structure.

The building whose clabs intersect the underling gables creates a three dimensional assemblage. The composition of houses makes believe at an almost random disposition at first.

The composition is made out of twelve different houses creating a five level building. The different houses have been following the general shape of the houses of the region.

The house are stacked one on top other and have up to five meters cantilevers. Those long cantilevers give the impression that they stand by balancing.

The idea was to go away from a longitudinal building and try to have the minimum footprint. The circulation of the building is made so that the visitor will arrive and exit on the same place.

The building joins on the Vitra campus building created by Frank Gehry or Tadao Ando.

The exterior charcoal color contrasts with the inside perfect white. The continuous white has been chosen to put the furniture in value. 

The building transforms itself at night when the landscape surrounding disappears and the building interior spaces seams like floating houses.


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