lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

KREOD Pavilion London

KREOD Pavilion London

Chun Qing Li & Pavilion Architecture

The KREOD Pavilion designed by Chun Qing Li & Pavilion Architecture. It is a transportable structure. The structural frame system allows it to have an open plan and thus be used for different programs. It is organic in form, ecologically friendly and inspired by nature

The frame system is made with a sustainable process: the kebonyzation. It is the process of getting soft wood suitable for outside and structurally strong. It is a good technic to avoid the use and exportation of tropical hardwood. This type of wood is very resistant and does not loose its colour while aging. The wood becomes easy to maintain, cost effective and has a good resistance under compression.

The shape of the structure was inspired by the structure of molecules. In order to not have to build an over complicated structure. They developed with eternal help a simple joint assembly to achieve a torsion-free hexagonal panel layout.

The general shape formed by the hexagons is the result of RhinoScript looking for a self-supported system. 

 Adding different ones of those general shapes allows different variations for the transportable pavilion. 

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