martes, 18 de abril de 2017


Chybik+Kristof Associated Architects created a prefabricated construction for a cafeteria project for the factory where the modules are produced. The facility provides a showroom for the company “KOMA Modular” (specializing in prefab modular constructions), located on the outskirts of Czech town Vizoice.

The company wished to create a facility for its staff members, accommodating washrooms and changing rooms as well as a cafeteria for snacks and lunch.

The architects decided to use the company´s most commonly developed module and develop a design around it combining a system of opaque staged volumes on the ground floor with a more transparent volume on the upper floor.

Architect Ondrej Chybik  stated that "The whole cafeteria was designed in accordance with the module of nine metres by three metres, and it is this limitation which determines the aesthetics of the building, together with the operating scheme. To achieve the clarity of the modular structure, we chose an identical size of the modules for the whole construction."

On the ground floor – hosting the changing areas – the modules are staggered to emphasize the idea that the building is constructed by individual units. Meanwhile, the irregular placement of the volumes enables the roof of some units to be used as a terrace by the upper floor cafeteria.

The external surface is surrounded by expanded metal mesh for the ground floor façade, uniting the different masses together. On the upper floor glazed walls surround three out of the four walls of the building.

The architects commented on the advantages of prefabricated units being the speed of assembly since the internal partitions, mechanical and electrical services are al integrated during the process of production.

Thus the project demonstrated that unique and evolving architecture can happen using prefabricated modules.

Client: KOMA Modular Construction
Location: Ricanska Street 1191, Vizovice, Czech Republic
Year: 2013-14
Programme: cafeteria, changing rooms, facilities
Investment: CZK 25,000,000
Size: 450 m2
Status: completed
Team: Ondrej Chybik, Michal Kristof, Vojtech Kouril

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