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 Agbar Tower

The Agbar Tower has been build between 2001 and 2005 in the city of Barcelona. The authors of this tower are B720 Arquitectos and Jean Nouvel. This project needed the collaboration of the technical architect Josep Gilabert and the engineering companies Gepro BOMA and Master Ingeniria.

The building was inspired by the Sagrada Familia of Gaudi. The building represent the constant changing of a water fountain.

The Catalonian tower is 144 meters height, 35 meters width and 39 meters length. It is composed by 35 floors accessible by 11 elevators. The land area reach a total of 50.700 square meters.

The façade can be qualified of media – active. The structure is build with reinforced concrete while the outside layer of the double façade is composed out of over 4.500 window openings cut of the structural concrete. The translucent glass supported by an aluminium frame as well as the concrete surface allows the building to have a good insulation to the exterior and thus make it easy to control the inside temperatures. 


The building is formed as the union of two opposites : the lightness of glass that covers the building in the form of slats 120 x 30 cm, forming a large brise -soleil and the massiveness of the concrete structure, creating between one great fractal. The space between the façade layers allows a natural circulation of air in the building.

The concrete skin pattern is the result of calculations. The part snot needed to transmit the loads have been removed in order to create apertures. The apertures have also been designed in order to play with the views of the city.

The interior main core as well as the concrete façade allows the interior plan to be free from pillars.

Depending on the incidence of light, the tower changes its colours - the coloured aluminium sheeting that reflects the light consists of 40 different colours of high gloss.

The building is also very impressive at night as the 4.500 glass louvers get illuminated.


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