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8344 Bad Gleichenberg, Steiermark
Building Company
Harald Kiefer Metallbau GmbH
DI Ernst Giselbrecht
DI Peter Fürnschuss
Haustechnik: Planungsbüro Greile, 9330 Althofen
Ausführungsstatik: CMB GmbH, 8330
Herbst 2005 - Sommer 2006
Frühjahr 2006
Sommer 2007
Technical Data
Nettogeschoßfläche: 420 m²
Bruttogeschoßfläche: 545 m²
Umbauter Raum: 4.270 m³
Building info
Bürogebäude samt Ausstellungsflächen zur Produktpräsentation
Rohbau: Ziegelmassivwände; Stahlbetondecken; entlang der Fassade betonverfüllte Stahlsäulen
Fassaden: Alu-Pfosten-Riegel-Fassade mit vorgelagerten Putzstegen bzw. WDVS-Fassade, weiss geputzt
Sonnenschutz: Alu-Lochblech-Klappläden, elektrisch betriebe

Rezultat iskanja slik za KIEFER TECHNIC SHOWROOM

Rezultat iskanja slik za KIEFER TECHNIC SHOWROOM

§The Kiefer Technic Showroom is a hybrid exhibition space and office building in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria that moves according to the general weather conditions. It is a pertinent example of modern interactive architecture with an outer framework of 112 tiles that shift and fold into rows on command.

Rezultat iskanja slik za KIEFER TECHNIC SHOWROOM
§The façade expands and contracts to regulate the amount of sunlight permitted to the interior. This responsive design minimises the necessity of air conditioning by maintaining a constantly moving shield against external heat.

§Architect Ernst Giselbrecht explained the shift in modern architecture that allowed the outer shell of the building to be treated in its entirety, rather than having to accommodate ranked sections of the structure.
Povezana slika

Rezultat iskanja slik za KIEFER TECHNIC SHOWROOM

§THE SKELETAL FRAME comprises solid brick faces, bolstered cement ceilings and steel-encased columns

§THE FACADE consist of aluminums posts and transoms with protruding bridges for maintenance, with an EIFS-facade in white plaster. The sun screen operates on electronic shutters .The shifting façade is powered by 56 engines that activate automated shutters and folding panels of perforated aluminium.

Rezultat iskanja slik za KIEFER TECHNIC SHOWROOM

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