miércoles, 25 de enero de 2017



  • Architects

    Kengo Kuma & Associates
  • Location

    3 Chome-10-20 Minamiaoyama, Minato, Tokyo, Japón
  • Team

    Kengo Kuma, Kenji Miyahara, Hiroaki Akiyama, Yuteki Dozono, Masahiro Minami
  • Area

    293.0 m2
  • Year


  • Kengo Kuma and his team were asked by Sunny Hills, a famous cake company, to design their shop, showing their dedication and attention on the details. For this reason, they designed a volume symbolizing a crafted bamboo basket
  • For the façade, they used over five thousand wooden bands in order to build the three dimensional envelope for the three floors.

  • "Our aim was to create a forest in the busy city centre," said Kengo Kuma. 
  • "We studied how lighting states would change in a day in the woods, and
  •  came up with a shape like a basket." 


  • The pieces are intersecting in three dimensions, instead of two. The pieces are forming 30 degrees between each other. This geometry allows reducing the wooden strip section to the minimum, the size is 60x60mm.
  • Kengo Kuma is known for his use of japanese traditional techniques, in this case, he used "Jiigoku-Gumi", therefore, the joints don't need from glue or nails, just the own wooden pieces.

  • "I consider that wood joints without glues or nails are the essence of Japanese architecture," 
  • "What is characteristic about SunnyHills is the angle of the lattice; unlike the 
  • conventional 90 degrees, we tried 30 degrees and 60 degrees to combine the pieces".


  • The construction, was on site wooden façade was on site, and the pieces were joined to the structure of the building by metallic plates.
  • The architect also wanted to create a big contrast with the other buildings of the neighbourhood, mainly made out of concrete. The apertures created by the wood strips allow natural light to come inside the building but also keep privacy from the exterior. The different programs are distributed vertically along its three floors, the propose of this vertical circuit was to engage and enjoy every space of the building.





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