sábado, 18 de junio de 2016

Huis No. 19 of Nomads in residence

Rather than minimizing size and weight as one would expect from a mobile home, the aim of the design was to maximise its dimensions and functionality. Despite its mobility the building is big, robust and durable. It consists of one long space that can be subdivided into different interior and exterior spaces. It's a house to be used in many ways: as hotelroom, studio or hospitable dwelling with a big table, plenty of daylight and as much privacy as one needs.
The construction of the object is simple: walls, floor and roof have entirely been made of solid, laminated sheets of wood, stabilized by two steel frames. It was assembled on site within a few days. The timber panels are then covered with additional thermal insulation and a laminated timber rainscreen. The object is sturdy, heavy and environmentally sound, and sufficiently stable to be lifted and transported in one piece, with dimensions that just permit transportation on public roads.

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