jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016

This is the Wikkel House, designed by Fiction Factory Amsterdam.

The innovation of this building is in its construction. Basically, there is a steel structure frame, or rather a Room Module of a house. Then, this whole structure is rotated 360 degrees and layered 24x times with CARDBOARD. Finally, once done, a last wood layer is placed.

This is a very fast process that builds the entire house in a single day, in only a few hours in the industry. The whole structure when finished has only 6000 kg of weight, being a very light structure and that does not need foundations for it, according to the Company's website.

This is also a very sustainable solution, as the whole building is recyclable, and it has a life expetancy of a mininum of 100 years. Hence, this is an interesting reference concerning the construction of the room module with the outter layer of the facades, as well as an example of the speed of industrial production in Architectural Construction.

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